Wooden panel fencing is the most popular type used for boundaries/dividing properties. They come normally come in two styles, either overlap style, or closeboard style.  It’s fairly easy to erect and often is the cheapest fence to install, though like all outdoor wooden structures, it’ll require some maintenance over the years.


Wooden panel fencing is a simply constructed of posts and panels. The panels usually come at a standard size 1830mm x 1830mm (6ftx6ft) but can also come at other standard heights and widths. Panels can also be cut to suit.  Posts that can be used are either 100x100mm (4×4) section or 75mmx75mm (3×3) and concreted into the ground at a depth of approx 600mm. Can also be used on slotted concrete posts.


It is recommended but not essential to fit a gravel board at ground level between the posts. This serves to keep the fence panel from making contact with the ground, which will extend the life expectancy of the panel (10 years). You can also increase the life span of your panel fencing by erecting the fence using concrete posts and concrete gravel boards. Due to the long life expectancy of these products future costs of replacing the timber components will be considerably lower, because only the panels will need replacing.

Standard overlap panels are normally dip treated only. Closeboard style panels can either come as tanalised or dip treated only.

Help & Advice

If you are interested in erecting close board fencing at your property, please get in touch with our estimators and they will be happy to offer help and advice. They can also provide you with a free quote for supply and installation at your property or supply only of all relevant materials for DIY installation. A couple of examples of our panel fencing are shown below but there are many different variations available: