Perimeter security fencing is the first line of defence around an organisation’s premises and is therefore vitally important.  Furthermore, it is a significant factor in the first impression made on a visitor, so appropriate high-security fencing can act as an effective deterrent.

What many people do not realise is just how complex the subject of perimeter security is today.  Not only are there legal requirements to be met, but each application has its own needs – so the solution to the problem is different in every case.  In most cases, high-security perimeter protection requires a combination of measures, the main one of which is fencing. There are many different fencing types available for your commercial project at any stage from construction site temporary fencing to security fencing renovations at your premises.

We have a broad range of commercial and high-security perimeter fencing options available to us using our many trusted suppliers and our in-house fabrication team to supply you with the best option

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