Mesh fencing systems provide a more secure type of fencing in a variety of designs and a choice of finishes.  Different mesh aperture sizes and wire diameters are available to suit the security and aesthetic requirements, and profiled panels benefit from higher rigidity.  Mesh panel fencing is normally galvanised to provide a long-lasting finish, and polyester powder coating can be used on top of the galvanising to add colour.  As well as a range of standard RAL colours, mesh panels and posts can also be finished in the architect’s choice of colour.

Welded mesh panels take much longer to cut through than most alternatives and can be significantly harder to scale due to the lack of handholds and footholds presented by the small mesh sizes.  Although the top of the weldmesh panel can provide only limited anti-climb features (a short vertical wire), toppings can be mounted on the supporting posts to increase security.  High-security mesh panel fencing usually offers the highest level of security, especially if used in conjunction with complementary security measures.