Also known as the classic picket fence remains a perennial favourite for more than its charm and good looks. It’s also a deceptively effective boundary, creating a clear line of separation while appearing to be nothing more than a familiar decoration. This unique characteristic of a welcoming barrier makes the picket fence a good choice for enclosing an area in front of your property.

Traditionally, a picket fence is about 900mm (3ft) to 1.2m (4ft) tall but can be made to virtually any height you require using 25mm x 75mm (1×3) pickets. Fence posts can be spaced anywhere up to 2.4 metres (8ft) apart Depending on your preference, the posts can be either 100mm x 100mm (4×4) or 75mm x 75mm (3×3). Spacing between the pickets is a question of function and taste, go with whatever spacing looks best and fulfils your functional needs. The pickets themselves come in three standard styles round, pointed and square top.

As an alternative, you can build your fence using prefab fence panels for the picket infill which come with different decorative styles. Also it can come in planed all round (PAR) this can be used in more sensitive area such as nurseries or play areas.

All timber tanalised softwood.

Hit and Miss Double Sided