Commercial gates whenever a perimeter fence is installed there needs to be at least one access point for vehicles and/or pedestrians.  If security is one of the reasons for installing fencing then it is important to ensure that the gates’ design and specification provides the same level of security as the fencing.  While the size will depend on the type of access required it is best practice to keep the access points as small in size and number as reasonably possible to avoid compromising security.  Whatever type of gate or access is used, care must be taken to ensure that it is not vulnerable in comparison with the remainder of the perimeter security.

We can supply and install Hinged and sliding gates, both manually operated and powered to match the style and design of the fencing, ornate gates featuring traditional or contemporary design elements can also be provided also with the security factor in mind

We also supply and install swing and lifting barriers also manually operated or powered

With all these gate options we can offer automation and access control. There are many different systems available but depending on the technology employed, the level of control can vary enormously.