We can provide automation and access control for any of the types of gates that we produce, we can also add these systems to existing gates from the purely functional to the proudly ornamental. Automatic gates mean increased security and convenience, the many advantages of automated gates are now widely recognised by residential users. They bring security against intruders, all-weather ease of operation and prestige.

There are many different ways systems available to automate gates and a great deal of this depends on the style of gate itself in addition to the location of the gate.

Choices of semi-automatic gate operation or a fully automatic gate are available.  An example of a semi-automatic gate would be a gate that operates when a button is pushed sending a signal to open or close the gate.  A fully automatic gate would be activated by a device.  This device could be some form of intercom or radio-controlled device as examples.  The gate would then open and close within a specific set time. Some of the options and explanations of different install options can be found below as well as the impact that safety can have visually on a gate:




Safety and visual aspects: Gate automation can have a negative impact on the aesthetics of some gates due to the necessary safety aspects

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